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January 2012

Posted on: Jan 04, 2012

Podsters!  What a year!  Hard to believe 2011 has already passed us by. Time flies when your having a blast! The year started off with some cool, sleek looking reno’s and of course the addition of our new baby. She is the 120” of HD Big Screen that we enjoy all our UFC events, Hockey, Football, and every other sport known to mankind. She’s beautiful, I call her Bertha.

Since we were looking good and Bertha wanted to meet some friends, we decided to throw some parties. Well, you know that if you have one kickass party, then you should have a second, and then a third and before you know it you are steady finding reasons to celebrate. Good times for sure!!  The fundraisers were a huge success and we were able to raise over 25k for donating. It warms the heart when you raise money for a good cause.

Besides chilling out with friends, playing pool, and enjoying good tunes, we needed to find more reasons for you to come visit. So I had a chat with the managers, and the kitchen said let’s give them something good every day. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that??  It must of been all that loud music as a kid my mother warned me about. So the kitchen started by offering steak specials every night of the week, Prime rib on Fridays and the Pub  gave you new drink specials every night. You don’t need a reason to go out cuz we have one for you.

Mondays is becoming popular with all Cocktails on special for $5, why wouldn’t it be? Tuesday is here and not only is it NHL Puck Party but also the Tequila Specials kick in. There is over 10 tequilas to choose from and their all Half-Price, that’s insane! You have to try the Cabo Uno just once, so you can brag it up to your friends. Wing Wednesdays is popular and always will be with the 50c wings and jugs special. Thursdays, we treat the ladies right, they love the half price wine and cheap martinis. TGIF Fridays and Spicy Saturdays get ya in the mood! The Pod is always the place to get primed up for the weekend. And Sundays is the grand finale. Our 10am Brunch fills your belly, you watch all the NFl games, suck back some Caesars and get pumped up for our 9pm Sound Check. All our industry friends come out Sunday Funday for good times.   What a week!  No wonder we are Fort Mac’s hotspot for good times, good people, great steaks.

During all of this, we had all of these great friends  but had no way to reach them. So we threw up a very cool website: www.podollanpub.com,  with membership perks, discounts, updates and pictures to enjoy. Very top notch stuff. Everything you need to know is on that site. Since we did that, we may as well be on facebook and Twitter so now you will find us there too.

What a year! Lots of cool things happened and I loved every minute of it. And even better it’s 2012 and I get to do it all over again! 

To give you a  peek into the near future. We will be launching our new lunch menu soon. It is filled with a line-up of favorites to impress your taste buds. I can’t wait!  We are having a Superbowl Tailgate Party. The pod girls will be sporting their football jerseys, we are having pools, prizes, a jersey giveaway, and a Tailgate Buffet like they do in the arena parking lots. Should be good times.

The Podollan is the place to be! See ya there!

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